Air Vacuum Corporation Celebrates 20 years of Business

Dover, NH—The Air Vacuum Corporation (AVC) is celebrating its 20th year of manufacturing and installing its AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal Systems within firehouses and EMS facilities. In 1994, the AIRVAC 911® product revolutionized the industry by offering hands-free, technologically advanced air purification for the removal of the hazardous emissions that public safety personnel are exposed to in a firehouse.

“In the 1990s we knew that firefighters’ exposure to engine exhaust was harmful, but there were limited test results to back it up. Today, organizations such as the World Health Organization and OSHA have recognized that the elements of diesel exhaust are carcinogenic and hazardous. Our goal has always been to quickly reduce the exposure of these contaminants and create a healthier work environment for the employees” says Tom Vitko, Co-Founder of AVC.

Back in 1994 in a tiny 10’ x 12’ office located within one of the old Dover mill buildings, AVC designed and introduced its AIRVAC 911® System to the Northeast. AVC now operates out of two offices, the second in Rochester, NY, and manufactures out of facilities located in New Hampshire and Haverhill, MA.

“We have grown from a small business primarily marketing to the Northeast, to a global company with installations ranging from the North Pole, Alaska, to South Korea. The 20 years of business and global list of customers is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our systems for the improvement of indoor air quality within public safety facilities. We are very pleased with the growth of our business over two decades and look forward to continue this for years to come”, Vitko says.

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