Acela Truck Company Adds GSA Listing, Expands Sales to Federal Government

BELGRADE, MONTANA, AND WASHINGTON D.C.—Acela Truck Company recently announced that its line of Monterra extreme-duty, high-mobility trucks has been approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) for listing on the Federal Supply Service Schedule.

The listing facilitates a streamlined procurement process for the growing number of federal, state, and local government agencies that require much more capable on- and off-highway trucks, allowing them to obtain the vehicles quickly and easily under pre-negotiated terms and prices.

In order to shorten and streamline the GSA listing approval process, Acela partnered with Fedharmony to leverage its existing GSA contact. Fedharmony helps ease the federal procurement process by partnering with in-demand suppliers to add hard-to-find products to GSA.

The GSA provides centralized procurement for the federal government through its online ordering system, GSA Advantage!, offering billions of dollars worth of products, services and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public.

“With a growing number of emergency response, law enforcement and military customers that are using or are desirous of using Acela’s products, we are very delighted to be included on Fedharmony’s GSA schedule and have them as a distribution partner as it makes Acela’s heavy-duty trucks even more attainable for government agencies,” said David Ronsen, Acela truck Company’s President. “Knowing that many agencies prefer utilizing GSA, taking this step is a reflection of Acela’s strong commitment to continuing to work with U.S. government agencies.”

“Fedharmony’s ability to bring qualified manufacturers of specialty mobile equipment has resulted in an ever-growing portfolio of products. Acela’s line of trucks is a perfect marriage of quality and added performance that many of the GSA customers are looking for,” stated Fedharmony President, Scott Smith. “We’ve had a high level of interest Acela’s products, including high water/flood rescue trucks and wildland fire apparatus and Fedharmony is well positioned to help all Federal agencies with their vehicle needs. Our unparalleled customer service enables us to help our customers through the process easily and efficiently. Our staff is comprised of many former Military personnel that understand the needs of each agency.  We can help guide all agencies through the specification process to ensure we are providing the perfect truck for their application. We’re thrilled to have the Acela truck line in our catalog, it brings an entirely new level of capability. “

The Acela Fedharmony  partnership launches a new era of competitive, superior, and cost-effective  wheeled vehicle platforms for Federal agencies.

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