3MTM Gas Flame Detection Showcasing at FDIC International

With the acquisition of Scott Safety, Detcon, Oldham, Simtronics and GMI, 3M has become one of the largest manufacturers of gas and flame detection products. These global brands bring together more than 100 years of industry experience across a wide range of innovative gas and flame detection solutions. Today we are pleased to highlight three of our latest and most innovative gas detection solutions; our enhanced PS200 multi-gas monitor, our reusable Protégé Single Gas (SG) monitor, and our hand-held GT-Fire meter.

“These products, combined with the popular Protégé ZM, provide us with a comprehensive offering into the fire industry” said Nick Wood, Global Product Marketing Manager – Gas Detection at 3M. “Each product has a focused application of use and have been designed to support the safety needs of the fire fighters we are proud to serve.”

The PS200 is our most popular multi-gas detector and it now comes with some impressive product enhancement features. One such improvement is as a powerful new datalogging capacity that will enable users to capture all relevant calibration data within a 6-month period. This increased capacity improves access to relevant data over a longer time whilst enabling quicker decisions to be made. Another helpful addition is the new quick-press field calibration mode which will save fire fighters time by simplifying the field calibration process. Users will also be able to visualise STEL / LTEL readings on-screen and log these in our software package to improve compliance monitoring.

Lastly, we have added a bundle of user experience upgrades including a quick information press when off; configurable confidence beeps; and increased user control around calibration due dates, dead-band configurations, and resolution settings (H2S). These features combined will enhance performance; improve ease-of use; and importantly enrich the overall user experience.

Come visit our booth #2222 at FDIC! – For more information visit: https://gasdetection.3m.com.



3M Gas & Flame Detection is comprised of former IST companies, Detcon, Oldham, Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) and Simtronics, along with the gas and flame business of Scott Safety. The five legacy companies have come together to form one unified company with a unified vision for providing end-to-end solutions and the most comprehensive portfolio of gas and flame detection products in the many industries it serves. For more information visit https://gasdetection.3m.com.

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