Introducing 3M Scott Fire & Safety at FDIC International 2018

Scott Safety is a manufacturer of innovative respiratory and personal protective equipment and safety devices for firefighters, industrial workers, police squads, militaries, homeland security forces, and rescue teams around the world. The recent 3M acquisition of Scott Safety provides invaluable resources, pioneering technology and partnership in their shared mission to supply firefighters with advanced safety equipment. With a global presence, 3M Scott products will protect thousands of individuals across the globe from environmental hazards including smoke, toxic fumes, combustible gases, falling objects and contaminants. To unite Scott Safety with 3M’s initiatives to explore, connect and invent, Scott Safety will become 3M Scott Fire & Safety at FDIC International 2018. The new 3M Scott Fire & Safetyill be seen in a variety of places, including:

  • A new booth display featuring the new branding and products from SCBA to fall protection.
  • A kick-off celebration on Wednesday night at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.
  • The 3M Safety Roadshow—a fully equipped, mobile training center to showcase 3M’s industrial and fire safety expertise and PPE. The Safety Roadshow will partner with industrial and fire facilities across the U.S. to drive safety training and education. The Safety Roadshow offers firefighters hands-on access and learning to provide a more comprehensive showing of fire safety resources, including 3M Scott Fire & Safety’s innovative Air-Pak X3 Pro, Scott Sight and other products.
  • A new Web site: 3M Scott Fire & Safety is committed to instituting change, not only for the firefighters of today, but for the firefighters of tomorrow. To provide users with faster and easier access to resources and relevant content, 3M Scott Fire & Safety has launched a new Web site to promote an engaging digital experience.

3M Scott Fire & Safety will also feature its Air-Pak™ X3 Pro SCBA is built on a proven foundation of redundant safety features to ensure the security and comfort of today’s firefighter. The new product maintains the proven design and value proposition of the Air-Pak X3, with an emphasis on enhancements to cleanability, comfort, and connectivity.

GT-Fire is an innovative, handheld solution designed for the fire industry to isolate gas leaks quicker and easier. After normal evacuation procedures are complete, the GT-Fire portable gas detector enables firefighters to conduct more specific leak detection investigations while they wait for gas utility companies to arrive. With this, firefighters have additional information to secure a scene more effectively.

Scott Sight goes beyond constant thermal vision. It gives firefighters their hands back. That’s because unlike other handheld thermal imaging cameras, Scott Sight combines a camera with a display in the facepiece without the need for reaching down and lifting a camera up. Firefighters now have both hands free for effective communication, victim extraction and carrying tools.

The new HushAir Connect 7500 Compressor System simplifies the process of cylinder refilling and dramatically enhances efficiency and safety. The advanced compressor technology is built around the industry’s first 7,500-psi capability that allows more cylinder fills per charge. With new automatic RFID sensing technology, the RevolveAir Connect can detect and select how to best fill nearly any SCBA cylinder with minimal user input or training. It is designed based on significant input from end users who demanded a smarter, simpler to use, cylinder fill station. The SmartTouch Controller fully integrates the breathing air compressor, charge station, and storage bottles to achieve seamless automation of the entire breathing air system. New safety features include a suite of on-board sensors and diagnostic tools that automate nearly all the processes traditionally required of the user. The system can monitor and record various facets of operation, including cylinder fill record keeping, equipment status, error detection, and breathing air quality, making it fully compatible with NFPA 1989 logging requirements. 

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material delivers compliant visibility with comfort, breathability and durability. Created with a patent-pending 3M cut and spread technology, the interstitial weeding process and related waste is eliminated to create a resource-efficient, lower-cost trim.

3M™ DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Self-Retracting Lifeline reduces nuisance lockups and simplifies inspections to help increase productivity, safety, and convenience. Patented magnetic retraction control system allows lifeline retract smoothly, hands free. DBI-SALA has a rugged and extremely lightweight thermoplastic housing with built in ergonomic handle. The SLR features a swiveling snap hook with impact indicator combined with swiveling anchorage point and carabiner.

3M Scott has a mix of activities, education, and community support as part of its FDIC 2018 International presence, including:

  • 3M Scott Fire & Safety has pledged $100,000 in charitable donations to the firefighter community over the next two years as part of a comprehensive cancer prevention and awareness initiative. The program reflects their commitment to protect first responders. The first recipients were announced at the 3M Scott Fire & Safety Customer Event on April 25 at FDIC International. The new charitable initiative builds on its commitment to firefighter health and safety through innovative product development. Complementing initiatives such as sponsorship of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Fire Service Occupational Cancer Symposium, the donation will enable other organizations to join the fight in minimizing carcinogen cancer hazards facing firefighters.
  • 3M Scott Fire & Safety is putting the power of Scott Sight hands-free thermal imaging cameras in the hands of end users. It’s giving away one Scott Sight every hour on Thursday and Friday during FDIC International. Attendees can enter online via desktop or mobile device at The winners will be announced hourly in booth 2022.
  • Throughout the week, attendees can stop by booth 2022 to participate in the Scott Sight Challenge. Two dark tunnels will be on display for participants to race through to locate heat sources. The activity will show the power of thermal imaging and hands-free rescue. The three participants with the fastest times will receive a Scott Sight.

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