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Over the last half-century, Zico has consistently designed and developed new and innovative products to meet the ever-evolving demands of the fire service. With the start of each new design, one factor has always come first: Quality. Before a new product is proudly stamped with the Ziamatic logo, it undergoes rigorous and extensive in-house and third-party testing to confirm it meets the highest standards of safety and durability.


There is a reason that Zico SCBA brackets, with their familiar black and yellow color scheme, have been an industry standard for decades. Zico strives to stay on the cutting edge of SCBA technology, always ready to help departments transition to new NFPA standards. Whether designing new brackets or improving upon older models, Zico always keeps the needs of the individual firefighter in mind.


While other manufacturers adopt a “one-size fits all” strategy toward SCBA bracket design, Zico offers flexibility and options the competition just can’t match. From self-locking and hands-free brackets to side-mounted and center pull releases, Zico has an SCBA bracket solution to all of your problems. Most models are fully adjustable, many allowing for fine tuning on the fly, keeping your SCBA secure and minimizing annoying rattling.

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