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Apparatus Showcase: October 2021

Apparatus Showcase--Delivery of the Month, October 2021.

Clovis (CA) Selects Pierce All-Wheel-Steer 110-Foot Aerial Platform

Al Petrillo examines the Clovis (CA) Fire Department's Pierce 110-Foot Aerial Platform.

Lithium-Ion Batteries and Class D Metal Fires Go Beyond EVs

What Carl Haddon learned from his students while teaching at FDIC 2021.

Examining Trends in Nonstructural Personal Protective Equipment

Al Petrillo examines trends in nonstructural PPE.

27 Truck, Holbrook (NY) Seagrave Aerialscope

The Holbrook Fire Department is one of the more progressive fire departments on Long Island.

Unsuccessful Attempt to Eliminate PFAS in PPE

"I hope the research and testing needed to address this issue now move to 'warp-speed' as soon as possible."

When Disasters Happen

Manfred Kihn explains what to do in the event of a natural disaster.

Fire Apparatus Makers Offer Rigs with the Latest in Safety Features

Al Petrillo gives you the latest news on rigs' safety features.

Fire Service Industry Legends and Icons

FDIC International is unique in that the biggest names in the fire service industry all take the time to attend.

FA Viewpoints

We asked Bill Adams and Ricky Riley: "What are your feelings about the clean cab concept?"

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