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Franklin Township (OH) Sutphen Pumper-Tanker

Bob Vaccaro explains why, when the Franklin Township Fire Department started the process of purchasing a new pumper, it decided to downsize.

Telematics and Vehicle Connectivity, or ‘Why Do I Need All That Stuff on My...

The Information Age has now enveloped the first responder world.

Don’t Fall Asleep When Specifying Your Hosebeds

William C. Peters explains why it's not a good idea to fall asleep when specifying your hosebed.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

What's the difference between fire trucks and a cup of coffee?

Inside the Box: Protecting Patients and Medics in the Backs of Ambulances

Al Petrillo goes into detail about ambulance designs and safety systems.

Technology: What Is It and How Do I Know If I Need It?

Rich Marinucci details technology and what it means to the fire service.

FA Volume 26 Issue 10

Read the features and news on fire trucks and fire equipment from the October 2021 issue of Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine.

Apparatus Purchasing: Specification Tunnel Vision

Bill Adams notes that APCs and specification writers seldom admit they made a mistake when writing purchasing specifications.

Natural Disasters Impacting the Fire Service

Over the last 40 years, natural disasters have been on a significant rise.

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