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Thermal Imaging: Let’s Talk Thermal Imaging

When we talk about thermal imaging, certain topics can become confusing or misunderstood. Let’s try to uncomplicate some of these topics.

Special Delivery: SVI Trucks Builds Rescue-Pumper for Campbell County (WY) Fire Department

The Campbell County (WY) Fire Department was replacing a commercial cab Type 1 engine, one of a dozen Type 1 pumpers in its fleet, but wanted to change to a custom chassis and cab with four-wheel-drive capability.

Apparatus Ideas: Frisco (TX) Fire Department Chooses Midmount Aerial for New Ladder Truck

Design a new apparatus purchase not only for the present but for future needs. If you can afford to with your budget, make sure you add compartment space for future tool purchases and additional space for hose.

FAMA Forum: Brake Maintenance Considerations for Fleet Vehicles with Drum Brakes

This article will focus on the vehicles with conventional drum brake systems in service today and stress the importance of regular maintenance on these brake systems to ensure long-term safety and performance.

To the Rescue: Managing, Maintaining, and Mitigating New Rescue Technology

What, exactly, does “new technology” or “new rescue technology” really mean?

FA Viewpoints: Maintenance Challenges

This month, we asked Bill Adams and Ricky Riley, “What is the most significant apparatus maintenance challenge today?”

Chief Concerns: Use of Technology During the Pandemic and Beyond

Technological advances have dramatically changed many things in the fire service.

Keeping It Safe: Do Not Touch!

As the smoke begins to settle on the information harvested from COVID-19, some changes in the fire service are inevitable.

Chief Concerns: Response to Aircraft Incidents

Knowing the hazards and risks are important and need to be included in any reviews during training.

Apparatus Ideas: Palmyra (MO) Mini Pumper

Many departments can’t always afford more complex or more expensive vehicles. However, some departments, with proper planning and working with a smaller manufacturer’s engineers, can come up with problem-solving options that they can build into a smaller vehicle to operate in their response area.

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