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The control panel on a Pierce Manufacturing aerial ladder has a display that allows an operator to page through different screens to get any information needed on the status of the aerial. (Photo courtesy of Pierce Manufacturing Inc.)

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Rosenbauer's Smart Aerial System uses a single joystick to control the functions of any of its aerial devices. (Photo courtesy of Rosenbauer.)

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E-ONE's aerial ladder control center has CAN-based keypads to run the monitors and all the aerial's systems. (Photo courtesy of E-ONE.)

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The jacking and leveling system on KME's aerial ladders can be controlled from either a panel (shown) or from a joystick on a 15-foot tether. (Photo courtesy of KME.)

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Smeal Fire Apparatus uses the AL-11 Aerial Logic system to control its aerial ladders and monitor their performance as well as vehicle engine information. (Photo courtesy of Smeal Fire Apparatus.)

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HME Inc.'s auto deployment and leveling of outriggers uses lasers to indicate positioning for jack pads and then a one-touch system to deploy, set, and level the aerial. (Photo courtesy of HME Inc.)