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December 2015 Fire Truck Photos of the Day

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Rosenbauer Commander 2,000/1,250 Pumper

Rosenbauer—Hartly (DE) Volunteer Fire Company, pumper. Commander R7818 cab and chassis; Cummins ISX12 500-hp engine; Hale Qmax 2,000-gpm pump; UPF Poly 1,250-gallon tank; two 50-gallon foam cells; Rosenbauer EZ Foam dual-agent foam system; Will-Burt Night Scan light tower; Onan 7.5-kW generator; Akron Deckmaster 3440 electric monitor. Dealer: J.T. Bartz, DPC Emergency Equipment, Marydel, DE.

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Spartan ER 1,250/1,250 Pumper

Spartan ER—Hauser Rural fire Protection District, North Bend, OR, Star Series pumper. Metro Star cab and chassis; Cummins ISL9 380-hp engine; Hale Qmax 1,250-gpm rear-mount pump; Pro Poly 1,250-gallon polypropylene tank; 30-gallon foam cell; FoamPro 1600 Class A foam system; Smart Power HR generator. Dealer: Jeff Weber, True North Emergency Equipment, North Bend, OR.

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E-ONE Typhoon 1,500/780 Pumper

E-ONE—Eagan (MN) Fire Department, pumper. Typhoon extra-long cab and chassis; Cummins ISL 400-hp engine; Waterous CSU 1,500-gpm pump; 780-gallon polypropylene tank; 30-gallon foam cell; FoamPro 2000 single-agent foam system; TFT electric deck gun. Dealer: Ryan Clarey, Fire Safety USA, Rochester, MN.

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Midwest Fire/Freightliner 1,000/2,000 Tanker-Pumper

Midwest Fire—Morehead City (NC) Fire Department, tanker-pumper. Freightliner M2 cab and chassis; Cummins ISL 350-hp engine; Darley LSP 1,000-gpm PTO pump; APR polypropylene 2,000-gallon tank; three Newton 10-inch stainless steel dump valves with telescoping chutes; stainless steel tip-down portable tank carrier; All-POLY™ construction. Dealer: Rick Peterson, Midwest Fire, Luverne, MN.

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HME 2,000/400, 78-Foot Aerial Quint

HME—Wilton (ME) Fire Department, 78-foot aerial quint. 1871-Spectr cab and chassis; Cummins ISX12 500-hp engine; Hale Qmax 2,000-gpm pump; 400-gallon water tank; side stack hose load; two-sided turntable access; Elkhart Vulcan tip monitor with dual RF remote controllers. Dealer: Glenn Davis, Lakes Region Fire Apparatus, West Ossipee, NH.

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KME 2,000/1,500 Custom Pumper

KME—Florence County-Hannah Salem (SC) Fire Department, custom pumper. Predator Panther cab and chassis; Cummins ISL9 450-hp engine; Hale Qmax 2,000-gpm pump; 1,500-gallon polypropylene tank; 30-gallon foam cell; Akron eductor foam system; Hansen roll-up compartment doors. Dealer: Stephen Sightler, SAFE Industries, Piedmont, SC.

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Sutphen Monarch 100-Foot Aerial Platform

Sutphen—Emmett Township Department of Public Safety, Battle Creek, MI, 100-foot aerial platform. Monarch heavy-duty cab and chassis; Cummins ISX12 500-hp engine; Waterous CSU 2,000-gpm pump; midmount aluminum ladder, Huck bolted, enclosed waterway; Harrison 10-kW generator. Dealer: David Desrochers, Apollo Fire Equipment, Romeo, MI.

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Spartan Tractor-Drawn Aerial

Truck 20 went into service with Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue in January, 2015. This unit was part of a multiaerial order which was delivered in the fourth quarter of 2014 and also included an identical TDA at Station 3. The tractor is a Spartan Gladiator model with a Gladiator MFD (medium four door), 10-inch-raised-roof cab, and the Classic model front end and grille.

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Danko/Freightliner Dryside Tanker

Danko—Madison (NE) Rural Fire District, dryside tanker. Freightliner M2 cab and chassis; Cummins ISL 350-hp engine; UPF Poly 2,000-gallon tank; Waterous 3030 portable pump with 23-hp Kubota diesel engine; rear 10-inch swivel dump valve; 20-inch stainless steel telescoping extension; manual folding portable tank carrier. Dealer: Mike Semerad, Danko Emergency Equipment, Snyder, NE.

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Pierce Enforcer 1,500/750 Pumper

Pierce—Geneva (IL) Fire Department, pumper. Enforcer cab and chassis; Cummins ISL9 400-hp engine; Waterous CMU 1,500-gpm two-stage pump; UPF Poly 750-gallon tank; 30-gallon foam cell; Akron eductor 3126-125 Class B foam system; Harrison 6-kW generator. Dealer: Rick Berndt, Global Emergency Products, Aurora, IL.

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2009 Pierce Aerial Platform Decorated for the Season

This Pierce 100-foot platform is shown decorated for the "Fantasy of Lights Parade," which is held in Howell, Michigan. The fire truck won the "Spirit of Christmas Award" for the decoration job. Ladder 61 is a 2009 Pierce 100-foot aerial platform powered by a 500-hp Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine and Allison transmission. The rig holds 300 gallons of water and features a 2,250-gpm pump. Photo courtesy of Terry Conklin.

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Retired 1978 Mack CF Pumper

This decorated rig is a retired 1978 Mack CF pumper being used for a fundraiser in a corporate park. Photo courtesy of Greg SanFanAndre.

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1968 Retired American LaFrance Pumper

This 1968 American LaFrance pumper is now privately owned but was originally in service with the Bedford (PA) Fire Department. Each year the fire truck is decorated for an "Old Fashioned Christmas Parade." Photo courtesy of David Smiley, Sr.

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Sutphen 1,500/1,000 Pumper

Sutphen—Brewerton (NY) Fire Department, heavy-duty pumper. Monarch cab and chassis; Cummins ISL9 450-hp engine; Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pump; UPF Poly 1,000-gallon tank; 20-gallon foam cell; Williams ATP 500 single-agent foam system; Whelen LED warning and scene lights. Dealer: Philip Vander Molen, Vander Molen Apparatus Sales and Service, Dewitt, NY.

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HME 1,500/700 Rescue-Pumper

HME—West Bloomfield Township (MI) Fire Department, rescue-pumper. 1871-SFO cab and chassis; Cummins ISL9 350-hp engine; Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pump; UPF Poly 700-gallon tank; 30-gallon foam cell; Hale FoamLogix 2.1A foam system; HME Mad Dog CAFS; Ziamatic hydraulic ladder rack; Harrison 6-kW generator. Dealer: Joe Merrill, Advanced Technics, Alpena, MI.

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Spencer Manufacturing/Spartan 2,000/500 Pumper

Spencer Manufacturing—City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, two pumpers. Spartan Metro Star cabs and chassis; Cummins ISL 450-hp engines; Hale Q2 2,000-gpm pumps; APR polypropylene 500-gallon tanks; 25-gallon foam cells; Hale FoamLogix 2.1A single-agent foam systems; Smart Power 8-kW generators. Dealer: Tom Ball, Keystone Fire Apparatus, Pittsburgh, PA.

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4 Guys Fire Trucks/Spartan 1,750/1,500 Pumper-Tanker

4 Guys Fire Trucks—Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Department, Allegheny County, PA, pumper-tanker. Gladiator cab and chassis; Cummins ISX12 500-hp engine; Hale Qmax 1,750-gpm pump; UPF Poly 1,500-gallon tank; 25-gallon foam cell; FoamPro 3012 single-agent foam system. Dealer: Ronald Vezzani Jr., 4 Guys Fire Trucks, Meyersdale, PA.