2013 E-ONE HP 100 Platform

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2013 E-ONE Aerial

This E-ONE aerial serves as Ladder 2 with the Rockwall (TX) Fire Department. The cab is a Cyclone II model with a Sidestacker body.

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2013 E-ONE Aerial Platform

The cab is a Cyclone II model with a Sidestacker body. The cab and body are constructed of aluminum with roll-up and hinged compartment doors.

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2013 E-ONE HP 100 Ladder Truck

The aerial is a 100-foot aluminum rear-mount with a 2,000-gpm waterway. The platform is constructed of welded extruded aluminum with angled platform corners and dual monitors.

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E-ONE Aerial Platform

It is powered by a 500-hp Cummins ISX engine and an Allison EVS 4000 transmission. An Onan 10-kW generator is on board.

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2013 E-ONE Platform Aerial

The LED warning lights are by Whelen as are the lights in and around the rig. The scene lights are Whelen PFP2 LEDs.

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100-Foot E-ONE Aerial Platform Fire Apparatus

The apparatus has a Hale QMAX 200-23 2,000-gpm mid-ship pump and a 300-gallon polypropylene tank. The foam system is a FoamPro 2002 with a 20-gallon foam tank. Quad crosslays include two 1 ¾-inch lines, one 2½-inch line and one 2½-inch dry lay. Storage for 16 SCBA bottles is located in the wheel wells.

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E-ONE 100-Foot Aerial Fire Apparatus

The G4 Electronic Stability Control is part of the safety package on the truck.

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100-Foot E-ONE Ladder Truck

Audio warning devices include a bumper-mounted Q2B and a Whelen electronic siren module with two 100 watt speakers mounted through the front bumper.