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EJ Metals built a number of pods and a hooklift vehicle for the Anne Arundel County (MD) Fire Department. (Photo courtesy of EJ Metals.)

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EJ Metals furnished 24 portable hose-deployment modules holding large-diameter hose to Southern Nuclear Operating Co., which, if needed to be deployed, would connect to 2,000- to 6,000-gallon-per-minute pumps that circulate water at nuclear power plants. (Photo courtesy of EJ Metals.)

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Stellar Industries Inc. built a Stellar Flex36 hooklift and pods for the West Des Moines (IA) Fire Department. (Photo courtesy of Stellar Industries Inc.)

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Gwinnett County (GA) Fire Services went to SwapLoader USA for a hooklift truck that can handle its four pods. (Photo courtesy of SwapLoader USA.)

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Task Force Tips is the North American distributor of the Hytrans system, a unit that is typically used to move large amounts of water. (Photo courtesy of Task Force Tips.)

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The Hytrans system includes a hose module unit that can lay up to 3,000 feet of six-inch large-diameter hose. (Photo courtesy of Task Force Tips.)