Wyantskill (NY) Engine 426 Compartment

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FA042815 Ciampo1

An overview of the “utility” compartment on Engine 426.

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FA042815 Ciampo10

Mounted to the forward inside wall is the Mister attachment for Rehab that attaches to the exhaust fan and the expandable jamb extender to hang the fan or assist in forcible entry.

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FA042815 Ciampo2

The rear storage wall holding the hand tools and water extinguisher with Cold Fire.

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FA042815 Ciampo3

The pull-out tray in the closed position. Note how the small chimney can sits under the electrical reel.

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FA042815 Ciampo4

The left side of the tray with the hose roller and two metal chimney cans.

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FA042815 Ciampo5

The right side of the tray with the Super Vac fan and extinguishers.

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FA042815 Ciampo6

A close view of the 250’ electrical cord reel and water extinguisher.

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FA042815 Ciampo7

The two chimney cans on the lower pull out tray, with the smaller one on the left side to fit under the electrical reel.

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FA042815 Ciampo8

Two fireplace shovels used by the inside team firefighters at chimney fires.

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FA042815 Ciampo9

The mirror which allows members to see up past the draft-stop inside the fireplace. The “bullet” is also seen in the can for removing creosote buildup and the coffee can full of dry chemical bags.