Spencer/Spartan 1,250/1,000 Pumper

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Spencer/Spartan Pumper

Bear Lake Township (MI) Fire Department had Spencer Manufacturing build this custom pumper on a Spartan Metro Star cab and chassis, powered by a Cummins 400-horsepower diesel engine, and an Allison 3000 EVS automatic transmission. (Photo courtesy of Spencer Manufacturing.)

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Spencer/Spartan Pumper Fire Truck

The Bear Lake pumper carries a Hale QFlo Plus 1,250-gallons per minute (gpm) pump, an APR 1,000-gallon water tank, a 20-gallon foam cell, and a Hale Foam Logix 2.1 single agent foam system. (Photo courtesy of Spencer Manufacturing.)

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Spencer Pumper

Spencer Manufacturing custom built a rear folding access ladder at the back of the pumper, and located its ground ladders in through-the-water-tank storage. (Photo courtesy of Spencer Manufacturing.)

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Spencer Manufacturing Pumper

The Bear Lake pumper has all LED lighting, including Whelen warning lights, a Golight, a Whelen brow light with dual Pioneer heads, four Fire Research Corp. Spectra 900 scene lights, and four Fire Research Corp. telescoping lights. (Photo courtesy of Spencer Manufacturing.)

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Spencer Manufacturing/Spartan Pumper

Two hoppers located in the dunnage area above the pump house hold ice-melting salt and oil-dry litter. A chute is located on each side of the pumper with ports and air-activated switches underneath to receive a shovelful of material. (Photo courtesy of Spencer Manufacturing.)