Developments in Fireground Portable Radios Image Gallery

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Icom America P25 model 9011S

1 Icom America makes the P25 model 9011S, a six-watt radio that covers VHF, UHF, 700-, and 800-MHz frequencies. (Photo courtesy of Icom America.)

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Icom America F50V portable radio

2 The F50V portable radio made by Icom America has a built-in paging unit, allowing a firefighter to get a page for an alarm, pick up the radio, and talk back to the base. The F50 has both a VHF and UHF transceiver. (Photo courtesy of Icom America.)

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Harris XG-75 P25

3 The Harris XG-75 P25 portable radio is a high-visibility, rugged radio that is tested to IP68 extreme immersion standards, has active noise cancellation, is intrinsically safe, and carries a high-resolution full sunlight display. (Photo courtesy of Harris Corp.)

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Harris XG-75P

4 Harris designed a new speaker microphone to go with its XG-75P portable radio with a large push-to-talk button and twin-walled speakers custom designed to withstand high temperatures. (Photo courtesy of Harris Corp.)

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Motorola Solutions Inc. APX P25

5 Motorola Solutions Inc. makes the APX P25 line of portable radios that are designed to be used with a gloved hand and offer a T-grip and nonslip surfaces to improve the feel of the radio in the hand. (Photo courtesy of Motorola Solutions Inc.)

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Motorola’s APX radio

6 Motorola's APX radio has large knobs that are easy to use with a gloved hand, as well as a large emergency button and a "firefighter-down" feature for when a firefighter remains motionless for a certain period of time. (Photo courtesy of Motorola Solutions Inc.)

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Kenwood USA Corp.’s P25 series portable radio

7 Kenwood USA Corp.'s P25 series portable radio is built to prevent dust and vibration intrusion, has high-temperature protection, and meets the military specification for immersion. (Photo courtesy of Kenwood USA Corp.)

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Kenwood USA Corp.’s NX series portables

8 Departments that haven't adopted P25 radios yet often buy Kenwood USA Corp.'s NX series portables that work in analog but can be upgraded to P25 radios in the future. (Photo courtesy of Kenwood USA Corp.)