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Ricky Riley on Low Hosebeds

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

Departments have to know some of the problems that can occur when you just specify a low hosebed. Remember that we still require some compartment space. We still have to carry the water somewhere.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

We still have to carry the water somewhere, which is usually in an “L” shaped tank, thus driving the water toward the pump and high up in the rig.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

When doing all of this, it can cause low hosebeds to have high side sheets and high hosebed dividers.

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Low Howebed Specing Tips

At the Kentland (MD) Volunteer Fire Department, members took the manufacturer’s dividers stock from the factory. Upon arriving back at their station, they racked all the hose for the rear hosebed. They then measured a safe height for the divider, accounting for the chance of air being trapped in the hose. Then they took all the hose back off and sent the marked dividers to its local fabrication shop and had it modify the height for the exact height needed—all based on the hoseloads and quantity of hose. This helped with both attack line and supply line re-packing, as members did not have to use pieces of wood to rack the hose. And, they were no longer reaching in with outstretched arms to pack the hose.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

One of the things we did in Clearwater, Florida, was use the extruded dividers on the supply line bed to give those some rigidity and strength. We then used just the single sheet divider with no extrusion for the attack lines.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

With tall dividers on low hosebeds, we also have to worry about the weight of the hose and hose shifting during driving and responses and pushing out the dividers.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

Mechanicsburg, MD, came up with rounding the back of the divider off so it would be easier to reach from the top and for the person controlling the folds to reach in to assist in packing. It then had the manufacturer cut notches at one quarter and three quarters in the hosebed divider, making it easier for the members packing the hose to reach in and firmly pack the hose down.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

Another view of the Mechanicsburg, MD, rig with openings at one quarter and three quarters.

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Low Hosebed Specing Tips

Another method to combat this the problem of hose shifting is to add fasteners at the top of the divider, like this rig in Harrisburg, PA.