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HDA Architects Design of Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department Station 72 Earns LEED Gold Designation

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Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department Station 72, designed by HDA Architects, which sits on a pristine desert location, earned a LEED Gold Award for its energy saving measures and its environmental design. (Photos 1 through 5 courtesy of HDA Architects.)

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Phoenix Station 72 is two double-deep, drive-through apparatus bays housing an engine company and a heavy rescue squad.

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The kitchen in Phoenix Station 72, designed by HDA Architects, uses all stainless steel counters, cabinets, sinks and appliances.

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Station060717 Petrillo4

This aerial view of Phoenix Station 72 shows the front ramp area exiting onto Cave Creek Road, as well as the access to the rear of the station through a shared driveway (at lower left). Also note the parking structure covered by photovoltaic (PV) panels that produce 11.5-kilowatts of electricity for the station.

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Station060717 Petrillo5

HDA Architects designed Phoenix Station 72 to fit into the desert landscape by using natural materials like adobe brick and stone on the building.

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A view of Phoenix Station 72 shown from the surrounding desert. (Photos 6 and 7 courtesy of Phoenix Fire Department.)

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Station060717 Petrillo7

Station 72's heavy rescue squad leaves the station on a run.