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E-ONE built this Metro 100 aerial ladder on a 220-inch wheelbase and a single rear axle for Kamloops Fire Rescue in British Columbia, Canada. (Photo courtesy of E-ONE.)

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The Middlesex (NJ) Fire Department turned to E-ONE to build this HP 100 aerial platform. (Photo courtesy of E-ONE.)

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The Squamscott Hook and Ladder Company, in Exeter, New Hampshire, went to KME for this AerialCat 109-foot aerial ladder. (Photo courtesy of KME.)

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KME redesigned its platform to give it a larger amount of square footage and also redesigned the leveling arms so they no longer hang down in front of the windshield on a rear-mount aerial, greatly improving driving visibility. (Photo courtesy of KME.)

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Pierce Manufacturing Inc. is using LED lighting at the tip of its aerial ladders, which provides excellent lighting but is smaller in size than quartz lights. (Photo courtesy of Pierce Manufacturing Inc.)

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Pierce Manufacturing uses LED rope lighting to illuminate its aerial ladder sections in different colors, moving from green for the lowest section to amber for the middle two sections and red at the fly section. The colors allow firefighters to identify their location on the ladder in smoky or low-light situations. (Photo courtesy of Pierce Manufacturing Inc.)

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Rosenbauer built this Raptor 100-foot ladder with a rescue platform for the New Hampton (NY) Fire District. (Photo courtesy of Rosenbauer.)