Compartment Corner: Winter Park (FL) Fire Rescue Department Gallery

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Winter Park (FL) Fire Rescue Truck Company 61

The Inside Team’s compartment is located just behind the right side crew cab’s door. <I><B>Photo by Firefighter Eric Wheaton.</i></b>

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FA122214 CompCorner2

All tools mounted are easily accessible for the members of the irons team.

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FA122214 CompCorner3

Shown is the Inside Team’s choice of tools placed outside of the compartment.

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FA122214 CompCorner4

Shown in a close-up view are the “R-Tool,” “K-Tool,” and “Lil-Rex Tool” shelf created by the members of Ladder 61.

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FA122214 CompCorner5

This is a close-up view of the assorted brackets securing the tools in place. Note the location of the chock carried with the pressurized water can.

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FA122214 CompCorner6

Mounted on the outside wall of the compartment toward the “5th wheel” are: two Talon hooks—Halligan hook heads with Halligan forks on the opposite end.