Fire Apparatus: Repair, Refurbish, or Replace? Image Gallery

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Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department

1 Rosenbauer recently refurbished a pumper for the Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department, reusing the pre-2010 emissions Detroit engine, Allison transmission, axles, and Telma Retarder and putting them in a new Commander cab and chassis, then building a new pump house using the original pump, water tank, and foam system. The photos show before and

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Hillsborough County (FL) Fire Rescue

10 (Photos courtesy of E-ONE.)

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Nanty Glo (PA) Fire Department

11 4 Guys Fire Trucks did a major refurbishment for the Nanty Glo (PA) Fire Department, where it built a new square tanker body and mounted it on a Mack chassis and cab, replacing an elliptical tank. (Photo courtesy of 4 Guys Fire Trucks.)

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Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department

2 after configurations. (Photos courtesy of Rosenbauer.)

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Hershey (PA) Fire Department

3 Pierce Manufacturing refurbished this 95-foot aerial for the Hershey (PA) Fire Department. (Photo courtesy of Pierce Manufacturing Inc.)

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Beckley (WV) Fire Department

4 The Beckley (WV) Fire Department turned to Pierce Manufacturing to refurbish its 75-foot LTI aerial ladder. (Photo courtesy of Pierce Manufacturing Inc.)

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Smeal Fire Apparatus

5 Smeal Fire Apparatus refurbished a 105-foot aerial platform for a Western fire department. The vehicle had sustained damage to the platform and also the body of the apparatus. The photos show before and

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Smeal Fire Apparatus

6 after views of the platform. (Photos courtesy of Smeal Fire Apparatus.)

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Bogota (NJ) Fire Department

7 E-ONE refurbished a 1993 tandem axle 110-foot rear-mount aerial ladder for the Bogota (NJ) Fire Department, modernizing the vehicle to current standards. (Photos courtesy of E-ONE.)

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Bogota (NJ) Fire Department

8 (Photos courtesy of E-ONE.)

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Hillsborough County (FL) Fire Rescue

9 Hillsborough County (FL) Fire Rescue went to E-ONE to refurbish a rescue air truck built on an International Freightliner chassis. (Photos courtesy of E-ONE.)