Richfield (WI) Volunteer Fire Department U.S. Tanker Fire Apparatus

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U.S. Tanker 3,000-Gallon Tanker/Tender

The Richfield (WI) Volunteer Fire Company went to US Tanker for this 3,000-gallon tender (tanker) on a Kenworth T800 chassis with a 500-horsepower diesel engine, and an Allison 4000 EVS automatic transmission. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Tanker.)

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U.S. Tanker/Kenworth Tanker/Tender

The U.S. Tanker-built 3,000-gallon tender for Richfield Volunteer Fire Company has a one-inch booster reel with 300 feet of forestry hose on it so firefighters can use the rig alongside a road in pump-and-roll. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Tanker.)

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Richfield (WI) U.S. Tanker Fire Truck

The Richfield tanker built by U.S. Tanker has a 10-inch square Newton dump valve at the rear, and two E.J. Metals 10-inch round dump valves behind the rear axle, one on each side. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Tanker.)

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U.S. Tanker Rig on a Kenworth Cab and Chassis

Besides its main 3,000-gallon water tank, the U.S. Tanker-built Richfield tender also has a 3,000-gallon portable water tank in a Zico electric tank rack, six Whelen FPP2 scene lights, and a complement of Whelen LED warning light. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Tanker.)