Zico on the Floor at FDIC International 2018

At FDIC International 2018, Zico debuted its new slide-out ladder gantry, the SLG-M. The SLG-M allows departments to store ladders on the roof of their fire apparatus and retrieve easily when needed. Firefighters unlatch the gantry, pull straight back off the apparatus, and lower to the ground. Storing ladders on the roof leaves more room for side compartments in the fire apparatus body and allows for the retrieval of ladders in more narrow operating areas. The SLG-M locks safety in place in both the stored position and when fully lowered.

Zico also introduced its “multiple extrication tool holder,” the QM-MEH-1. The unit allows departments to secure up to four extrication tools on the rotating platform. Adjustable mounting brackets accommodate virtually any make and model of cutter, spreader, or combination tool—both hydraulic and electric. Firefighters raise teh center knob and rotate the turntable to access the required tool. The turntable safely locks into place after each rotation for quick and safe tool retrieval.

For more information, visit www.ziamatic.com.

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