Ziamatic Announces FDIC 2012 Sweepstakes Winner

YARDLEY, PA – Ziamatic Corp. is pleased to announce Chief Edward Stuepfert of the LaMoille Fire Protection District (IL), Captain Patrick Ranes of the Sterling Heights Fire Department (MI), and Firefighter Chris Bellavia of the South Haven Fire Department (IN) as the winners of the Ziamatic FDIC 2012 QUIC-BAR Sweepstakes.

The Sweepstakes took place in April at the 2012 Fire Department Instructor’s Conference in Indianapolis, IN, where attendees were encouraged to enter a drawing to win one 30” QUIC-BAR; a drop-forged steel Halligan-style tool with built-in rings to accommodate a carrying strap (carrying strap included with prize). The three winners were selected at random following the show.

“We run on a small budget,” said Chief Edward Stuepfert.“So anytime I can enter to win some useful equipment I put in for it. Winning this tool made my day…I’m excited to try it out.”

“Each of our rigs carries a Zico bar,” said Captain Patrick Ranes. “I’m told that we have had them for over 22 years now. They were on the rigs when I walked on the job as a probie 17 years ago, and the maintenance people say they have not seen one of them come in for any type of repair.”

Zico tools are quality tools,” stated Firefighter Chris Bellavia. “Everyone I talk to has nothing but good things to say about them.”

The LaMoille Fire Protection District of LaMoille, IL is a volunteer department with 32 firefighters and 15 EMT/first responders. Covering 69 square miles, they service a population of approximately 1,300 residents.

The Sterling Heights Fire Department of Sterling Heights, MI is a paid/career fire department with a staff of 96 people. Covering 37 square miles, they service a population of 129,699.

The South Haven Fire Department of Valparaiso, IN is a combination department with 50 members. They service a population of approximately 12,000 residents.

The QUIC-BAR’s solid, drop-forged steel design provides increased strength and durability, allowing for faster and more efficient forcible entry, removal of sheet rock/panels and other utility needs.  The QUIC-BAR is available in both 30” and 36” lengths with a choice of chrome or clear-coat finish, and includes heavy-duty, built-in rings that will accommodate most standard carrying straps (sold separately). These models are made in the USA. Prices start at $212.45.

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