Yorktown Council Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The first town council meeting for the Yorktown Town Council brought a change of leadership after Lon Fox nominated Rich Lee as president of the council during nominations. The nominated was followed by Fox also placing Bob Ratchford, the then acting president as vice president, reports thestarpress.com.

Council member Bob Flanagan nominated Rick Glaub as president during more calls for nominations. Following a vote, in which Glaub actually voted for Lee, Lee took the lead chair as head of the town council.

“We are headed in the right direction. I’ve joined the council to serve and that is what I stand by,” Lee said following the meeting.

Lee stated that the direction was already going into making Yorktown even more attractive for expansion and that they would continue on the path already laid out for the trails systems and other top tier projects for the town.

Rich Lee would preside over the first meeting for 2015.

The board approved all previous officer nominations in departments under the advisement of Town Manager Pete Olson. Even the two council members that join the planning and zoning commission Lon Fox and Bob Flanagan remained the same.

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