Yakima (WA) Fire Service Leaders Call to Replace Aging Truck Fleet

The calls go back to December 2020, when department chiefs discussed sorely needed upgrades to the fleet.

According to a report from KIMA, Yakima (WA) Fire Department (YFD) leaders are once again calling on the city council to purchase replacements vehicles for their aging truck fleet.

The calls go back to December 2020, when YFD chiefs discussed that upgrades were sorely needed to the truck fleet. Today, those issues remain, there have been no plans made for ordering new trucks, and the YFD is still using reserve rigs.

YFD Deputy Chief Jeremy Rodriguez said the department must continue to use the old apparatus to the best of their abilities. However, mechanical problems are plaguing the reserve trucks, which is also costing the city money.

According to their most recent annual fire report, the town spent nearly $200,000 repairing and maintaining the current fleet.

Yakima Finance Director Steve Groom mentioned historically low-interest rates for financing, creating a safety equipment savings account that could create enough funds for once-a-decade purchases as well as raising taxes.

However, repair bills are stacking up, and the lack of available resources continue to ail the YFD.

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