Worcester MA Fire Apparatus Slides Down Icy Road

Rain and ice slicked roads in Worcester (MA) caused a fire truck to slide sideways and nearly hit a woman and her six-year-old nephew.

Leonarda Santiago saw the fire truck sliding down the hill and started running with her nephew. They fell in the street, but the truck hit cars and stopped its slide. The ladder truck had slide the length of an entire block.

Firefighters had responded to calls that a vehicle had crashed into a house because of the icy roads. The ladder truck stopped on a steep, icy hill that hadn’t been treated yet. Three men were on Ladder Two.

“They had just gotten off the rig. They went to chalk the wheels and the truck slid down the hill, jack knifed and slid all the way down the hill sideways,” said a firefighter.

As the fireman waited for the ladder truck to be repaired they got a distress call from a neighbor who ran out to say a man with a heart condition was in trouble so they had to tend to him as well.
Fortunately, there were no injuries.

For more information, view www1.whdh.com

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