Woodland (WA) Sells Beloved Fire Apparatus

After being retired in 2005 following 34 years of continuous service with the Woodland Fire Department (WA), a beloved 1971 Mack CF fire engine named “Big John” was sold recently to a private owner in Lake Oswego (OR).

The 1971 Mack CF fire engine was purchased new by the city to replace what had become a vintage 1942 Ford pumper truck. The 1971 fire engine had a 6-cylinder diesel engine and a centrifugal pump that could generate 1,250 gallons per minute. From 1967 to 1990, 3,851 CF’s were built and were among Mack’s most popular models.

 In the first five months of its final year in service, it answered 97 alarms in the Woodland area.

Unfortunately, as the truck continued to age and was still being used for city functions like Planters Days parades, the issue became the difficulty of insuring “Big John.”

“When fire trucks reach a certain age, they’re not able to keep in active service because the insurance rate goes up,” said Woodland Mayor Grover Laseke. “On top of that, ‘Big John’ just wasn’t useable in its current condition, so we decided to surplus it in the hope it would find a good home.”

Putting it up for sale online at the beginning of September, the engine was purchased by a private buyer and self-admitted fire truck afficionado, John Rossi of Lake Oswego, OR.

Rossi has collected several vintage fire trucks and started Fire Truck One, which provides them to people looking to spruce up birthday and other parties, corporate and charitable events, trade shows, reunions, tailgating and more.

For more information, view www.thereflector.com



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