Wisconsin Society Working to House Old Fire Apparatus

One of the goals of the Tomorrow River Valley Historical Society is to get a building where it can display a fire truck Amherst (WI) bought in 1940, along with several older pieces of fire equipment.

The truck was the village’s first motorized fire engine. It served as Amherst’s primary engine until 1972, said Fire District Lt. Tom Iverson.

Amherst firefighter Lee Scheid said the truck replaced two hand-drawn fire engines the village had since the turn of the century.

Everything about the truck harkens back to another time, from the old hose reel on top, to the red-framed windshield that swings open from the top on hinges, to the hand rails that crews used to cling to as the truck rushed to fire calls.

Despite all those years of service, and the need for new brakes, the engine still operates. In fact, after decades of responding to fire calls, the old red truck has traveled barely more than 6,000 miles.

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