Williston (ND) City Commission Ponders Fire Apparatus Purchases

The Williston City Commission (ND) will consider a request from the fire department for three pieces of fire apparatus after the annexation of roughly 8,000 acres of mostly prairie and pastureland.

The equipment includes a pumper tender, a top of the line full fire truck, a tanker of tender that can haul at least 3,000 gallons of water, and a Type 3 (“a monster truck”) to a Type 6 (wildland fire truck) apparatus. Together, the first two pieces of equipment can carry 4,500 to 5,000 usable gallons of water. The price tag is $700,000.

“[It’s] a wildland fire scenario of which we were never prepared for,” Fire Chief Alan Hanson said adding the lack of hydrants means carrying more water than a typical city fire department. Factor in the distance from a potential fire to the nearest hydrant, which dictates the amount of hose necessary to do the job, and the challenge mounts in the face of inadequate equipment.

For more information, view www.willistonherald

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