Williston City (ND) to Purchase New Fire Apparatus

Two of the three pieces of fire apparatus requested by the city’s fire chief were approved to move forward in the bidding process by the Williston City (ND) Commission.

One of the final items on the commission’s agenda, the initial request by Fire Chief Alan Hanson was for three pieces of equipment: a pumper tender, a top of the line full fire truck; a water truck; and a Type 3 (“monster truck”) to a Type 6 (wildland or grass truck).

Following a meeting Tuesday morning with Hanson and the budget committee, Commissioner Tate Cymbaluk made a motion Tuesday evening to “start the bid process for a grass truck and a tender/water truck and the necessary equipment not to exceed $260,000.”

“Yes, would we like to have all three of those [apparatus]? Absolutely. But right now we needed to prioritize. We took the recommendation from Fire Chief Alan Hanson, his three deputy fire chiefs,” Cymbaluk said. “They said to prioritize, that’s how they prioritized it. That was what we did.”

Hanson also noted that in order to move the water needed to fight fires in a wildland scenario (grassland areas lacking in available hydrants), equipment — in addition to the requested fire apparatus — such as hoses and adapters are needed to hook up to hydrants that may be located a mile away or to tie in with rural fire and oil service trucks.

Because Hanson’s request for fire apparatus came halfway through the year, Cymbaluk said it was difficult to appropriate the funds necessary to meet Hanson’s request. The annexation of more than 4,800 rural acres was not on the table during last year’s budget talks, according to Cymbaluk. There was some discussion on certain areas to be annexed, but not much, he said.

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