Williamstown (MA) Fire Department Christens Its First-Ever New Tanker

The Williamstown Fire Department recently held a christening for its first-ever new tanker.

The Williamstown (MA) Fire Department recently held a christening for the first new tanker in its history, reports BerkshireEagle.com.

Tankers from Adams, Clarksburg, Hancock, New Ashford and North Adams, as well as Pownal, Pownal Valley and Stamford in Vermont, lined up at Spruces Park to take turns pumping water from their tanker into a Fol-Da-Tank next to Williamstown’s new apparatus.

The tanker, which came from Ohio and cost $369,000, holds 2,600 gallons of water and is equipped with two Fol-Da-Tanks and a ladder.

According to officials, the 2021 tanker features a Cummins engine, Allison transmission, and Power Take-Off-driven standard pumps with a regular side pump and one in the back. The pump does not pump through the transmission, like other trucks. It dumps water in 30 seconds and takes 2½ minutes to fill. It uses a vacuum system, as opposed to a gravity dumping tank.

Before acquiring the tanker, the department had to rely on mutual aid from area departments, which could take upwards of 20 additional minutes, officials say. The tanker will be available for mutual aid to other departments in the county.

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