Will-Burt Now Offers Firetech LED Lights for Fire Apparatus

The Will-Burt Company and HiViz LED Lighting, Inc. are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership that names Will-Burt as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Firetech brand LED lights to fire dealers and fire departments.

Will-Burt’s lighting sales team will add the full range of Firetech products—brow lights, scene lights, LED headlights, and more to its sales portfolio in addition to Night Scan light towers. The teams’ demo vehicles will be equipped with a full complement of Firetech products and Night Scan towers to make each nighttime product demonstration more impactful.

Launched in 2012, HiVIz LED’s Firetech brand has set the standard for high-quality LED scene lighting. Backed by the industry’s only limited lifetime warranty, Firetech lights use only top bin LEDs and high-efficiency circuitry along with premium optics to deliver maximum illumination with less power. Firetech lights are easy to retrofit on existing equipment, meaning you can update pumpers, ladder trucks, rescues, and brush trucks and immediately experience the benefit of superior LED lighting designed for the work you do.

“Firetech is a natural value-add product line for Will-Burt and our customers,” said Richard Lewin, CEO of The Will-Burt Company. “We established ourselves as scene lighting experts 25 years ago with the introduction of Night Scan light towers, and this expertise naturally extends to the Firetech range of products. We look forward to a successful launch of the program at FDIC International 2017 and growing the business with HiViz LED Lighting.”

Sam Massa, president and chief technologist of HiViz LED Lighting states, “The FireTech brand of LED lights is the result of our dedication to developing the most innovative and highest quality LED lighting to assist fire and emergency services personnel with doing their job after the sun goes down. The Will-Burt lighting team has years of sales experience in the fire dealer and fire department channels that will enable us to educate first responders on how to best illuminate their rescue scenes with advanced Firetech lights. Our partnership with Will-Burt will expand our reach and enable more first responders to more safely do their jobs.”

The Will-Burt sales team will begin selling Firetech LED lighting in May 2017.

For more information, visit www.willburt.com and www.HiVizLEDs.com.

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