Wichita West (TX) Firefighters Get a Donated Aerial from Fire Dept. in New York

Wichita West (TX) Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook Photo

A donated 1981 Seagrave aerial will help the firefighters with the Wichita West (TX) Volunteer Fire Department provided additional protection to its residents, according to a report published by KFDX/KJTL.

The report said South Bloomington Grove (NY) Fire Department, which is 1,500 miles from Wichita West, decided to replace the 1981 aerial with a 2002 model it acquired and reached out to Wichita West to make a donation.

Not only does the newly acquired apparatus provide Wichita West with aerial capabilities, it also will carry rescue tools, according to the report, that also said Wichita West firefighters flew up to New York and drove the truck on a three-day trip back.

After some minor repairs, Wichita West firefighters plan to put the aerial in service in December with a push in ceremony, according to the report.    

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