Why I Teach Sam Hittle

In this series, Fire Engineering Senior Editor Mary Jane Dittmar looks at the things that motivated and inspired instructors to present on their topics at FDIC International 2016. Segments will be posted on a regular basis up to and through the conference, April 18-23.

Samuel Hittle
Wichita (KS) Fire Department

Forcible Energy Wins Are in the Details

I am passionate about forcible entry discussions centered on tactical concepts rather than statements. Although fire service statements are well-intentioned, practical to a relevant period, or specific to an application, time and modernization tend to diminish their applicability. If we understand the premise on which these statements were fashioned; however, we can make conceptual adjustments and exercise functional flexibility when confronted with unusual and formidable opponents.

The most significant feedback from this class has included other instructors reaching out for slides or information they can share within their sphere of influence. That is really what FDIC International is about, sharing with one another so we all walk away better able to respond. 

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