Whitefish (MT) Welcomes New Fire Apparatus

It’s been long overdue, but the Whitefish Fire Department is now home to a brand new fire engine, replacing a vehicle that was 20 years old.

“We needed to get something that was newer — maintenance wise — but also the safety equipment that’s on there for our firefighters. Making sure the braking system, suspension,¬†seat belts, everything that’s newer,” Whitefish Fire Chief Joe Page explained.

The Whitefish Fire Department was long overdue for a new fire engine, and not only does it look impressive, the engine comes with technology that will make it easier for the department to fight fires.”

“This engine also has CAFS – Compressed Air Foam System. The CAFS gives us an extension of our water, basically mixes air, foam, and water, and you can get better knockdown with the CAFS system,” Page said.

The new engine also features more compartment space. “And this just brings it down into position where basically the other ladders on the old engine were, but having them up top gives us more compartment space to put more equipment,” firefighter Joe Rendahl demonstrated.

Along with the new CAFS system, the engine also has four-wheel drive, something the old engine was lacking.

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