White Rock (Canada) Fire Department Wants Extension to House Vintage Fire Truck

The British Columbia fire department is looking for a permanent home for its antique fire truck, a restored 1925 Studebaker.

According to a report from Surrey Now-Leader, the White Rock Fire Department (WRFD) in British Columbia, Canada, is looking for a permanent home for its antique fire truck, a restored 1925 Studebaker, and the favorite spot to display the vintage vehicle could be the White Rock fire hall.

Acquired by White Rock’s volunteer firefighting crew when it was established in 1934 as one of two original WRFD trucks, it was decommissioned in 1948.

White Rock Firefighters President Andrew Cram and WRFD member Scott Booth appeared digitally before the city council Monday night to present their ideas for the truck. They told the council they would like to move the truck, which has been sitting at the city’s parks maintenance yard since 2013, to a permanent glass-enclosure extension in front of the city fire hall at 15315 Pacific Ave.

Booth was heavily involved in the Studebaker’s restoration from 2007 to 2010. He shared photographs of the restoration with the council and noted that the vehicle was already on display at the fire hall until the WRFD to clear room for a new truck, after which it spent a year on display at White Rock Museum and Archives.

The proposed enclosure would be similar to that of Langley City’s fire hall, which holds that city’s own vintage fire truck as well as a vintage fire truck display at Port Moody’s Inlet Centre Fire Hall. However, Chief Administrative Officer Guillermo Ferrero said that his staff estimated the cost for the relocation and enclosure at around $350,000.

Booth said that while firefighters have not yet fundraised for the proposal, the White Rock Rotary Club has shown interest in holding fundraising events for the project.

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