Weyers Cave (VA) Fire Truck Damaged in Crash Just Days After New One Delivered

Weyers Cave Volunteer Fire Company/Facebook Photo

Just a little more than two weeks after the Weyers Cave (VA) Volunteer Fire Company received a brand new $600,000 plus pumper, a 2008 pumper got hit while it was parked in front of the fire station causing significant damage, according to a report published by WHSV 3.

According to the television station, the fire department was on a track to replace a fire truck every 10 to 12 years when the crash occurred, putting the pumper out of service and sending the replacement plan off course.

The fire truck was hit by a Dodge Charger which pushed the truck a few feet as it was sitting in front of the station. There were no serious injuries, the station reported.

Weyers Cave firefighters are awaiting news from the insurance company about whether or not the wrecked engine could be repaired or would need to be replaced, the television station reported.  

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