Wethersfield (CT) Fire Department Gets Fire Apparatus

The state-of-the-art pumper and ladder truck arrived from Ohio-based manufacturer Sutphen, Wethersfield Town Manager Jeff Bridges said. The vehicle cost taxpayers $790,000, he said.

“It’s going to serve the community well for 30 years,” Wethersfield Volunteer Fire Department Chief Rich Bailey said Monday.

The new truck replaces a similar 1989 apparatus that will now be sold, Bailey said.

The vehicle has numerous modern features including a computerized control panel and a closed cab that seats six. Its spiffy interior had a new car smell Monday and featured open-backed seats designed to accommodate air packs. They will allow firefighters to drive to a fire with their air packs already on.

The truck’s ladder is 75 feet high, and its tanks hold 300 gallons of water, Bailey said.

The new truck has been assigned to Company 2 in the town’s Griswoldville section. It will go into service in a few weeks after personnel train on it, Bailey said. The department is also awaiting delivery of hand tools and other accessories, he said.

Once the truck is ready to go into service, the department will hold a traditional “wet down” ceremony, Bailey said. That usually involves hosing down the truck and may also include a christening with a bottle of champagne — wrapped in a towel of course, he said.

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