Westlake Public Safety Facility Deemed Inadequate

Daryl Hatcher, director of public safety, said that EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and fire calls have risen 42 percent in Westlake in just the last three years. That trend is expected to continue, which means the current facility at only 4,400 square feet is inadequate, Hatcher said.

In fact, the fire apparatus must be housed a quarter of a mile away in a leased garage, while the EMS vehicle is parked outside the Westlake facility, which is leased at $3,444 a month. The lease expires in March 2013.

The Westlake station is the second busiest in the county, he said, with a call volume that “would easily overwhelm volunteer agencies.” That’s why it is staffed by paid personnel with six full-time career staff, rotating 24-hour 2-person shifts. Since the facility is always staffed, calls in surrounding areas are also answered if no one is available at other stations.

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