Westfield (NY) Board to Consider FEMA Grant to Replace Aging Pumper-Tanker

The $625,000 grant is needed to replace a 25-year-old E291 engine, the oldest vehicle in the department's fleet.

According to a report from The Post-Journal, the Westfield (NY) Village Board is considering a resolution to allow the Westfield Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD) to apply for a $625,000 2020-21 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant to replace its 1996 E291 Pumper-Tanker engine.

The tanker is the oldest engine in operation for the WVFD, being in active service for 25 years.

Although WVFD officials remains hopeful they will be receive the FEMA grant, they face competition in acquiring new vehicles, while the part of the grant for vehicles is a low percentage of the entire grant. The board needed to approve the grant because, per the grant’s terms, there would be a required five-percent match of the grant from the community, totaling $31,250 in additional funds the community would be expected to foot.

The motion for approval passed through the board, although the WVFD has not laid out an exact timeline on when they’ll find out if or when they’re actually approved. The board is also looking into other possible grant options.

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