Western Taney County Fire Protection District (MO) Gets New Boat

The Western Taney County Fire Protection District showed off its newest firefighting boat. It’s 32 feet long and 10 feet wide with an aluminum hull. It is the first fire and rescue boat that the fire district stores on the water at State Park Marina.

The boat weighs just under 15,000 pounds and has a fully enclosed heated and air conditioned cabins, which can transport two patients lying down.  It has two 300 HP outboard motors and go up to 40 mph.

A separate motor powers the 1,500-gallon-per-minute fire pump.  Firefighters can send water through a nozzle on the roof, one on the front, and another on the back.  It can also discharge foam for flammable liquids fires.

The boat has a 5,000 watt generator to provide electricity for scene lighting and equipment.  It also has radar, side and down scan sonar, GPS, thermal imaging, and communication equipment to talk to fire, law enforcement and EMS units as well as other boaters on the lake.

Its medical equipment includes a stokes basket and defibrillator, diving gear, firefighting self-contained breathing apparatus, and hand tools.

For more information, view www.ky3.com


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