Western New York Firefighters Donate Fire Apparatus to Dominican Republic

Used fire equipment from Western New York will get another chance to help save lives in the Dominican Republic.

A group of local volunteer firefighters is donating that equipment as part of their mission work.

“You talk to any fireman, any first responder, and it’s the brotherhood. So we decided, well, Brothers Without Borders,” says Mike Parker who co-founded the group.

Parker and Brandon Vizzi are the co-founders of Brothers Without Borders. Their group of volunteer firefighters partnered with Score International for mission work in the Dominican Republic.

“The minute that we told them that they were firefighters immediately they were brothers. They were friends. And that was the first time that I really got to see what it meant to be part of the brotherhood,” says Jeff Hackett with Score International.

After seeing the outdated equipment during their first trip in 2012, Mike and Brandon came up with the idea to find a truck to send to the Dominican firefighters.

“Imagine the United States’ fire departments, but roughly 40 years ago. Some of these departments use a bucket brigade. They don’t even have a truck. And the departments that do have a truck, the equipment is extremely old. So we were thinking, myself and Mike, how amazing would it be if we could find a way to supply a truck,” says Vizzi.

Monday, a 1985 fire pumper from the Adams Fire Company, which was about to be scrapped, left its firehouse for the last time so that it can be dismantled and sent via the Air Force to its new home.

“I think a lot of our members are going to be proud to see our truck down there being used,” says Chief Donald Lauer with the Adams Fire Company.

The fire department that gets the donated truck will then pay it forward and give their old truck to a department that doesn’t have one.

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