Western Medica Announces Titan Line

Western Medica has announced a new line of oxygen regulators called the Titan series. The regulators are specifically designed for emergency use by fire and rescue personnel, EMS providers, tactical medical units and ambulances.

The flow selector is exceptionally durable and resistant to impacts experienced in emergency environments, according to the maker.

Construction is all brass with a nickel-plated brass body for fire resistance. Six models are available with flow settings from 0 to 25 liters per minute, according to Western Medica.

Models with either CGA 540 or CGA 870 insert connections are available as well as models with two power take-offs. All are manufactured to Compressed Gas Association (CGA) specifications and have passed the latest promoted ignition tests as recommended by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

For over 50 years, Western has been supplying products for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases.

For information call 440-871-2160 or go to www.westernenterprises.com.

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