West Milford NJ Updates Firehouse and Apparatus

The Upper Greenwood Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s (NJ) base is getting an addition and a new roof to match its new town-owned tanker truck.

Its newest fire truck is a $375,164 Saber Tanker, which can carry water in its onboard tank or suck water from another source. The tanker was financed by the local government in August, when the Township Council approved a $1.13 million bond ordinance that included $439,000 for the purchase.

Prior to the incorporation of the township’s six volunteer companies, each company was responsible to purchase its own firefighting equipment. Increasing equipment regulations and costs ended that.

The addition is being built to provide the volunteer firefighters with a new training room. A new roof is next for the firehouse, which opened 24 years ago. The project is being funded through a $340,000 loan approved by the local government earlier this year. The current firehouse was dedicated in June 1978 and was in use alongside a second firehouse.

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