West Lafayette (IN) Wants to Replace Fire Apparatus

West Lafayette Fire Department is in search of a fire engine to replace a 1999 model at Station 2. With tax increment financing, the redevelopment commission should be able to purchase the truck without the city borrowing money.

Chief Tim Heath said Engine 2 was placed into service in September 1999. At that time, WLFD only had two stations that covered the city. For these past 15 years, Engine 2 has been the engine that is first out from Fire Station 2 at 531 W. Navajo St. That’s several years of several calls.

The average life span of an engine is 15 to 20 years, depending on the use of the truck. For 14 years, Engine 2 ran as the first-line pumper and went on the largest (number) of emergency medical service runs and fire calls. This truck is used to respond to medical calls in the center of the city, our busiest district.

Heath said West Lafayette plans to spend in the range of $500,000 for a new truck. 

“The West Lafayette Fire Department currently uses trucks equipped with a compressed air foam system. This foam is a proven success.This system adds cost to a truck, but the direct benefits to our firefighters and our citizens outweigh it,” said Heath.

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