West Haven CT Provides Students with Fire Apparatus

Tom Savinelli had written more than 100 letters to fire departments and fire engine manufacturers in a quest to secure the donation of a rescue truck for Maine emergency services students.

Savinelli, who now lives in Maine, had worked for the Center District Fire Department as a firefighter and emergency medical technician for 25 years.

Department leaders told Savinelli a few years ago that when they bought a new truck, they’d send him and the students with whom he volunteers an older model.

They have donated a 1983 firetruck to Savinellie and his students instead of putting it up for auction.

It had been used as a front-line piece until a few months ago, and while it has about 92,000 miles on it, the amount of time it sat idling at fires also factored into the decision to get a new truck. The Board of Fire Commissioners approved the idea to donate it to the school.

The Fire Department has donated a truck before, to South America, but not to a school, since there are no known vocational fire programs at high schools in the area.

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