West Glens Falls (NY) Fire Company Seeks Funding for Fire Equipment

West Glens Falls Fire Company Chief Mike Gordon delivered a request for equipment funding, along with a heads up for a future request to the Town Board last week.

The current self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) used by the department are 14-years-old. At the time of their purchase in 2000, they were a somewhat dated model from 1997.

“We’re four editions behind,” Gordon said. The oxygen bottles are up for replacement, as well, as they are 15-year bottles.

The cost for replacement, which includes 27 harnesses and two oxygen bottles each, totals $176,659.65.

The new equipment contains voice amps in each piece.

Scott Safety will take the old equipment as a trade-in, but there is little value in the outdated pieces.

The purchase includes a Reliable Instant Protection unit, or rip pack.

The equipment provides one hour of oxygen. “Basically that’s the lifeline of the trapped fireman,” said Gordon.

A lease-to-own option was offered. The department also looked into financing with Glens Falls National Bank with interest rates ranging from 4 to 4.85 percent.

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