Most commercial trucks, fire apparatus, and ambulances have multiplex electrical systems. They are an integral part of engine, automatic transmission and antilock brake control systems and instrument displays. They allow interaction between various components without requiring a mass of tangled wires or a block of mechanical relays.

One complaint about multiplex electrical systems was that they were difficult to understand, install and troubleshoot, and that there was no common system between manufacturers.

This has changed as many fire, rescue, and ambulance manufacturers have adopted Weldon’s V-MUX multiplex electrical system. Currently, the Weldon V-MUX system is available on Crimson Fire, Ferrara, Smeal, and many other fire apparatus.

Peter Luhrs, director of V-MUX for Weldon says “one reason the system has been so widely adopted is that it has taken much of the mystery out of multiplexing.” The key components are several electronic modules mounted in various areas of the vehicle, providing easy access for connections and troubleshooting.

Luhrs says “the V-MUX Vista III display and control unit is another important part of the system’s popularity.” This flat panel unit is cab-mounted and can be used by the driver and/or officer. It has switches and displays for various functions including emergency light activation, gauge displays, air conditioning, heating controls, and it automatically switches to display the view from a back-up camera when in reverse.

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