Weldon Technologies Introduces Brighter Warning Light

Weldon Technologies
Weldon Technologies has developed a brighter and more reliable light emitting diode. The company will introduce the new product at this month’s Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC).

Weldon Technologies is introducing a new light-emitting diode (LED) warning light that company officials are billing as brighter and more reliable than any other.

LED lights are popular because of their low current draw, excellent vibration resistance and long life, according to officials who pointed out that LED lights have also had some drawbacks, including their cost, limited directional visibility and degradation of intensity over time.

Weldon officials said they were aware of those shortcomings when their engineers designed the new light, called the V-LED.

Three-Year Project

“When our group started this project, we took a top-down approach and developed an LED that suited the warning lamp application,” said Sean Tillinghast, vice president engineering. The project, he said, spanned three years.

When used in emergency vehicle warning lights, the Weldon V-LED offers several advantages, according to Tom Barnett, the company’s director of V-LED products.

“Because of its unique design, the new light has excellent visibility to the sides as well as the front, something that was lacking in previous LED lights,” he said. “When compared to strobe lights, it provides deeper, richer colors with better pulse control for easier recognition.”

Barnett estimated that a red or amber warning light with the new V-LED would typically last 50,000 operating hours before it experienced any appreciable loss of brightness.

The first Weldon Fire/EMS products to incorporate the new V-LED light source will be a series of perimeter lights for use as upper- and lower-level warning lights on fire, rescue and emergency medical apparatus.

Weldon, a division of Akron Brass based in Columbus, Ohio, planned to display the new lights at this month’s FDIC Show. Following that introduction, Weldon expected to offer the new V-LED in a white interior light for ambulances.

For information call 800-989-2718 or go to www.weldoninc.com.

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