Weinbrenner Patents Fire Boot

Weinbrenner Shoe Co. recently received federal patent registration for a unique internal metatarsal guard in its Thorogood I-MET boots. The guard is American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 75 approved and completely integrated with the safety toe cap.

The I-MET Metguard is permanently locked in place to prevent movement or floating inside the shoe, according to the manufacturer. The new design eliminates awkward attachments, like tape or rivets and is invisible to the eye.

The internal location also eliminates the potential trip hazards that are common with many metatarsal guard designs, according to Weinbrenner. 

The guard is integrated into the shoe so it’s more stable, very lightweight, and extremely flexible, the company said. The patented guard has been incorporated into Thorogood’s Hellfire structural/technical rescue (USAR) firefighting boots. 

Protective footwear is only good if it’s being worn, and Weinbrenner said the new product is unquestionably the most comfortable and durable hard metatarsal guard available as it flexes with the foot to maintain all-day comfort while it protects.

Cushioning is increased by memory foam padding between the flexible ribcage-designed Metguard and the foot, while also helping to absorb impacts to the foot and instep, according to the maker.

Weinbrenner Shoe Company is an ISO 9001 company and has been manufacturing special designed occupational footwear in the USA since 1892. 

For information on Weinbrenner Shoe Company call 800-826-0002 or go to www.weinbrennerusa.com.

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